Letter from PresidentMrs. Jennifer Prather

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Board of Directors of the Wallace Prather, Jr. Educational Foundation is proud to announce the inception of our newly founded non-profit organization. We recognize your invaluable assistance to other charitable organizations in various capacities over the years and hope you will be able to assist The Wallace Prather Jr. Educational Foundation as well.

This is our initial communication referencing a request for you to consider a contribution to the Wallace Prather Jr. Educational Foundation. Your contribution will help expand the foundation’s resources and will enable the foundation to supplement the cost of higher education for several special students.

The Foundation's purpose is to assist young, aspiring students in their quest to become great leaders of tomorrow. The Foundation strives to create new and exciting opportunities for students by way of contributions to the students' educational funding. In contributing to the cost of obtaining an education, The Foundation aims to contribute to the students' success by easing the stress associated with the overwhelming uncertainty of the ability to fund one’s education. Each year the Foundation will select one student from a group of young college hopefuls in the Metro Atlanta area and make a financial donation towards the student's college education. The funds will primarily go towards books and housing. Upon final selection, the winning applicant and his/her family will be informed and at that point, the Foundation will make the payment to the institution of the applicant's choice.

In taking into account the rising costs associated in educating today’s youth, we humbly ask you to consider donating to the Wallace Prather Jr. Foundation, Inc. All monetary contributions are tax-deductible and applied directly to the selected student’s educational costs. Enclosed, please find additional materials for your perusal in hopes of you becoming an integral participant in making a positive impact on a young student’s life.

Thank you in advance for taking time from your hectic schedule to consider the Wallace Prather Jr. Foundation, Inc. Please feel free to contact us if need detailed documentation for our organization.


Jennifer Prather


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